I am 17 going on 18….

Last year, I wrote aabout – I am 16 going on 17…

That was to commemorate my 16 years of service with the T-Rex of the IT industry…. Cognizant (NASDAQ:CTSH).

Why T-Rex… Well from what I have seen from the Jurassic Park movie and various websites, T-Rex is one Gigantic animal but scores very high on its speed, agility etc. It is an awesome combination for business excellence.

Cognizant has so far proved why it is the best in the world of IT. Even during the economic downturn it cam up with phenomenal results.  When I quit the organization last September, they were gunning for a revenue at least USD 4.5 Bn. I am sure they will beat their and analysts estimates by a good margin given that other peers have done well as well. I also read an article that they will beat Wipro to become the 3rd Largest. If things continue this way, very soon they will catch up with the other two as well.

Had I continued with Cognizant, yesterday, Feb 1st, I would have started my 18th year with them. Feb 1st will always remain etched in my memory, for that’s what gave me Cognizant and whatever I got through my experience working there. Some awesome (and awful) Colleagues, Friends, and Family. Yup. Let me say it again. I found my beautiful, wonderful, marvelous, excellent, outstanding, stupendous wife of 15 years at Cognizant. I had to use all those adjectives to negate the (awful) word upfront. ūüôā

btw – I am enjoying the time away from the corporate world, creating the foundation for a whole new world for myself and everyone in this universe.

It has been a long time away from blogging. Let me see if I can chip in a few here and there.

Till the next one, Be Blissful.

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Cheers Matey

Who am I you Ask?

I had been working with Cognizant (NASDAQ:CTSH) for over 16.5 years… Yeah! that’s¬†right. from the time they started. It is one phenomenal organization. You gotta live it to love it and believe it. Look at what all it has achieved over the years in terms of growth compared to other similar players. All that is the outcome of the passion displayed by all the employees and the management in doing what is best for the customers. I miss my ex-organization already and it’s just been what? a day? ūüė¶

Talking about customer service, one thing that I have learnt is that we need to consider every individual in this universe as our customer. If we have that mindset, then we will be able to take the right steps to win over them. Be it family, friends, co-worker or any tom-dick-harry on the street. If we approach them meticulously, we will see that we are having fewer problems in the world… Socially and emotionally¬†as well. It does take a some practice and may not be easy at the beginning. But then when you try it with utmost sincerity you see that it becomes part of your very nature in no time.

What am I dong now? After a successful and fulfilling career, I have now moved out to focus on social-education projects. My wife Lakshmi and I have a Not for profit trust and a school to create products and services that help children world over to learn faster and at the same time, lead a happier life. More about our school, trust and the activities etc later.

As¬†they¬†say, spirituality is knowing,¬†understanding and accepting¬†yourself. Once you have done that, you know that you are the absolute truth. You have the ultimate power. You are God. “Aham¬†Brahmasmi” – I am the world. The philosophy of Advaita, non-duality.

Now don’t get worked up and feel that I have hurt the sentiments of the people who believe otherwise. All I am saying is that we all have the goodness of the lord. If we can all manifest that internally and externally, you will radiate the goodness and the whole world will become good.

ūüôā Thanks for stopping by. Hope to write more soon.

Cheers matey…

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Howdy folks

Welcome to my external blog. I have been very active at my place of work. I hope I can continue that trend here as well…

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